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Maricho’s services have been carefully crafted to enable us to tailor a programme around adults with health challenges and seniors and their families. Our services support you to maintain your chosen lifestyle. We believe that each customer is unique, with their own individual preferences and needs. So, we keep you in control and provide you with the homecare and support that you want, where and when you want it. It’s your life and your care, so it must be your way.

Personal Care

A lack of mobility or ill health can be an obstacle for seniors when it comes to their personal health and hygiene. Maricho home care and nursing services offer help wherever it’s needed. Our carers provide essential support from getting dressed to going to the bathroom.

Dementia Care

Regular routine and familiar surroundings are important factors when living with dementia. This is why we offer expert care to help seniors comfortably stay in their own home for as long as possible. Our professional carers offer all the support needed to help seniors stay where they are surrounded by their memories

Respite Care

A caregiver can go above and beyond to ensure the adults with health challenges and seniors are assisted to get everything they need to continue enjoying their life. When providing this high level of dedicated support, it is important that carers take regular breaks to recharge and rejuvenate. Respite Care offers the chance for anybody caring for adults with health challenges and seniors to step back and recuperate without disturbing established routines.

Live in Care

You can no longer stay by yourself? No family member free to stay and look after you? Maricho provides that extended family member who takes pride in breaking that loneliness and gives that priceless companionship keeping you motivated during the day and ensuring your night needs are met to your satisfaction.

Palliative Care

Maricho specializes in palliative care. With District Nursing back up, our provision of palliative care is of exceptional quality. Our Service Users are given the best care ever making End of Life bearable for both the Service User and the family in time of distress. Care Managers are available 24/7 telephone advise and if need be will visit at any time. Maricho is proud to announce their unique specialist training in palliative care equipping the carers to deal with difficult situations in a compassionate but effective manner.

Domestic Services

Maricho Domestic services assistants keep wards, offices and public areas clean and tidy. They do routine daily and weekly cleaning as well as responding to emergency spills. They have a very important role in making sure that all areas are clean and safe places where staff can care for patients.

Supply of Nurses & HCA's

Maricho recruitment supplies DBS checked well vertted nurses and Health Care Assistants to care homes and community nursing teams. Last minute cover required? Our dedicated team of nurses and Health Care Assistants are only a phone call away.

Call us for expert advice and customise your services to suit your individuals needs.


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